Engineering and Design Services with BERG-NELSON is your industry Leader in Problem Solving

Since 1951, Berg~Nelson has executed thousands of manufacturing related projects involving sub-assemblies, assemblies, building products, web lines, metals, plumbing and much more.

Berg~Nelson has serviced a multitude of industrial market segments & addressing everyday & critical applications. We have been recognized by nationally known companies throughout California as the market “innovators” and industrial “problem solvers” in the industries we serve daily. Our company culture allows us to utilize our many years of experience, industry insight, top quality products & unmatched service to handle our customers obstacles and occasional challenges when moving different medias through hoses or pipes.


Berg~Nelson Focuses on Safety but Also Your Business Bottom line

Our work consists of new facility design, renovations and expansions. We’re also experienced with the design of clean rooms and clean manufacturing space to enhance product quality. We’ve also worked for the oil industry, the Long Beach Port, processing facilities, and primarily meeting the needs of Tier 1 suppliers.

One of our primary goals for our customers is creating a safer environment for your employees when working with product medias such as air, hydraulic, oil, gas, water, chemicals, dry goods, food & beverage, etc.  Our focus is using our expertise & products in finding ways to help your company make money, save money and have your people working smarter not harder.

The decision to shake hands with Berg~Nelson is guided by one principle: client satisfaction. The development of Berg~Nelsons’ business philosophy was our most important objective in the creation of our firm. We understand it is essential to our success that we are closely aligned with our client’s over-all objectives and our primary goal at Berg~Nelson is to provide our clientele with a strong sense of security that their project will meet or exceed their expectations and be a success for all involved. We work with our clients to reach a common goal. We treat our clients as part of our team and we make the required sacrifices necessary to insure long-term relationships. Having worked together for years, we believe that the staff of Berg~Nelson is well prepared and strongly committed to providing the quality services necessary to insure consistent client satisfaction.


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